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10 Reasons to Apply for Yunnan Normal University

A university with rich history and good reputation

Awarded “outstanding university” by the Ministry of Education in the National Evaluation of Undergraduate Teaching Quality

Co-supported by the Ministry of Education and Yunnan Provincial Government

Model University for College-graduate Employment

A member of the Midwest University Fundamental Capacity Building Project

A key normal university under the Jurisdiction of Yunnan Provincial Government

1. Rich history and cultural heritage

YNNU is a key provincial normal university with a glorious tradition of revolution and rich cultural heritage. It traces its founding back to the former Teachers College of the National Southwest Associated University, which was established by merging Peking University, Tsinghua University and Nankai University, and operated in Kuming for 8 years. It created a miracle in world education history and left us valuable and rich heritage. It has become a holy place of higher education that is worshiped by the academic community. Yunnan Normal University has adhered to its motto of “perseverance in personality”, and has formed a school spirit of “devotion to teaching and learning; pursuit of virtue and wisdom”. It has graduated more than 200,000 students of different kinds.

2. Favorable Environment and Superb Conditions

The University is located in Kunming where the climate is pleasant and it’s like spring all the year round. It covers a total area of 3,000 mu, with 2 campuses, Chenggong main campus and Yi-Er-Yi Southwest Associated University campus. The main campus is regarded as one of the most beautiful campuses in China in terms of its ecological environment, digital facilities, modern equipment and cultural atmosphere.

3. International Vision

YNNU has established interschool exchange relations with 165 universities from 61 countries. It has carried out pragmatic cooperation with some world-class universities, such as Cambridge University and University of California--Davis in the field of research, teachers and students exchange programs. Since 2013, the university has cooperated with Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Griffith University to offer undergraduate programs in Animation and Social Sports Instruction and Management respectively. At present, it is one of the 2 universities in Yunnan Province that is authorized to admit students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan of China, and the only university in Yunnan Province that is approved by the Ministry of Education to design an independent enrollment examination for Taiwan students.

4. A Great Number of Disciplines

At present, the University offers 87 bachelor’s programs, 10 disciplines—literature, history, philosophy, law, education, management, science, technology, and economics. With a solid foundation, distinctive characteristics, and coordinated development of disciplines, it offers academic degrees of all the three levels, eg. doctor, master and bachelor. It has 3 disciplines ranking top 10 in China and the greatest number of scientific research platforms funded by the Ministry of Education among all Yunnan universities.

5. Outstanding Faculty

The University has more than 170 experts and scholars, among whom are those who have made outstanding contributions to our country and received the State Council special allowance, and who are members of the One Hundred Talent Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, or model teachers at state level. It has invited about 100 well-known experts from 40 countries and regions all over the world as its Honorary Professors or Guest Professors, including Professor Chen-Ning Franklin Yang, Nobel Prize winner, Professor Yang Le, Professor Guo Bailing and Professor Dai Ruwei who are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Gehan Amaratunga from Cambridge University, an academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering, U.K.

6. High Employment Rate and Broad Employment Channels

The University’s graduate employment rate ranks top 50 at state level, top 10 at provincial level. On average, the employment rate for both graduate and undergraduate students has exceeded 92%. Our graduates find jobs they like and start their career at a high level. 40% of them become civil servants or teachers, 10% pursue graduate studies and another 10% go abroad. The quality of our students has earned them a good social reputation and they can meet the demands of social and economic development.

7. Teacher Education

Through innovative reforms on teaching contents, methodology, curricula and training models, the University has accomplished the transformation from a traditional teacher-training university to a teaching-research-oriented modern university with teacher education as its typical characteristic. The University has cultivated a large quantity of teachers for elementary education in Yunnan province, and about 80% of the principals, Distinguished Teachers and Backbone Teachers in elementary education in Yunnan are graduated from YNNU, so it is praised as the cradle of teachers on this lateritic plateau.

8. Perfect Facilities and Rich Resources

The University has invested 2.3 billion RMB in the construction of the 3000-mu Chenggong main campus, completed 1.3 million square meters of school buildings and is equipped with 10 GB campus network. It has a magnificent and elegant library of rich collections of books, more than 3.02 million volumes. It’s one of the biggest in China in terms of total floor areas. It’s also the provincial center of the data resources of Chinese higher education

9. Student Societies and Extracurricular Activities

Rich and colorful extracurricular activities can effectively improve students’ comprehensive capabilities. The University encourage innovation, provide students with a platform to participate in different kinds of national competitions. Our students have won 90 honors at state level, such as first prize in the China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, silver medals of Olympic Games, and more than 200 provincial awards.

10. Scholarships

hose with outstanding academic achievement or graded “excellent” in the University’s comprehensive quality assessment will be awarded different kinds of scholarships, varying from 200 RMB to 8000 RMB. We have Scholarship for Students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China both at the Ministry of Education level and at the University level, National Scholarship, Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship, President Scholarship etc.

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