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Yunnan Normal University 2016 Exam-exempted Admission Guide for Applicants from Hong Kong

The only site of National Southwest Associated University in Kunming

The University co-constructed by the Ministry of Education and Yunnan Provincial Government

One of the one hundred universities funded by the National Key Project for the Quality Enhancement of Higher Institutions in Central and West China

A key normal university under the jurisdiction of Yunnan Provincial Government

The University awarded Outstanding University by the Ministry of Education in the National Evaluation of Undergraduate Teaching Quality

One of Top 50 Model Universities in teaching-quality and employment by the Ministry of Education

Yunnan Normal University (YNNU) is a key provincial university with an honorable revolutionary tradition and a profound cultural background, which can be traced back to the former Teacher’s College of the National Southwest Associated University established in 1938. During its stay in Kunming for 8 years, in the simple and hard living conditions, its teachers and students made great efforts in teaching and learning. Therefore, the schooling went on without any interruption. Great masters and eminent professors such as Hua Luogeng, Zhu Ziqing, Feng Youlan, and Wen Yiduo were all absolutely dedicated to the teaching and research, thus, fostered a lot of talents in China, which performed miracles in the history of the world higher education, having left us the fruitful and precious wealth in spirit and culture.

Teaching Program as a Characteristic and the Cradle for Teachers’ Development

Since the founding for more than 70 years, with the teachers and students adhering to the school motto: “Fortitude and Persistence”, and preserving the school spirit: “Integrity, Knowledge, Virtue and Sagacity”, YNNU has had more than 200,000 graduates and has been honored as “the cradle for the teachers on lateritious soil plateau”.

Beautiful Campus and Favorable Conditions

Located in Kunming distinguished by its pleasant weather of four seasons of spring, YNNU is one of the most beautiful universities in China. It covers a total area of 3330 Mu, with the main campus in Chenggong and the campus of Southwest Associated University in 12﹒1 street, developing the school-running pattern of a university with two campuses

Global Outlook and Open University

With an enrollment of more than 13,000 foreign students, YNNU has continued the cooperation and exchanges with more than 150 foreign universities in about 60 countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. We have the undergraduate programs in animation, public sports teaching and management, and accounting with Australia Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Griffith University, and National College of Ireland. It has the qualifications to enroll undergraduate, MA, and Ph.D. students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Complete Disciplines and Powerful Strength

YNNU has 10 disciplines: literature, history, philosophy, law, education, management, science, technology, economics and arts, in a coordinated development of various disciplines and programs. 3 disciplines have edged into the top 10 ranks and 22 into the top 20 in the Discipline Evaluation by the Ministry of Education. There are 87 undergraduates majors, 2 post-doctoral mobile research centers, 1 Ph.D. program in the first-class disciplines, 7 Ph.D. programs in the second-class disciplines, 26 MA programs in the first-class disciplines, more than 130 MA programs in the second-class disciplines, and 13 Master’s degree authorization centers for ME, MBA, etc. It is one of the 24 leading universities in China that offer the Master’s program for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.

The List of Enrollment Programs






(Based on the exams of Hong Kong High Schools)

School of Energy and Environment Science

New Energy Science and Engineering


Chenggong Main Campus



School of Education Science and Management

Applied Psychology


School of Chinese Language and Literature

Chinese Language and Literature (Teaching Program)


School of Foreign Languages and Literature

English (Teaching Program)


School of Economics and Management



Fiscal Science




International Economics and Trade (China-ASEAN Cooperation)


MBA (MBA, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management)


School of Mathematics

Mathematics 【Applied Mathematics (Teaching program and non-teaching program)】


School of Physics and Electronic Information Technology

Physics【Physics and Applied Physics (Teaching program)】


School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Chemistry (Teaching program)


School of Life Science

Science of Biology(Teaching Program)


School of Information Science and Technology

Software Engineering


School of Tourism and Geographical Science

Science of Geography(Teaching Program)


School of Arts

Dancing(Major in Flight Service and Etiquettes)


Calligraphy (Teaching Program)


Visual Design


Environmental Design


School of Communication

Broadcast Directing


School of Physical Education

Physical Education(Teaching Program)


Please visit the registration website of Admission Office for the latest documents on programs (curriculum) of 2016 Higher Education Exam-exempted Admission Guide in mainland China.

The applicants for Arts and Physical Education should have the basic professional capabilities and the developing potentials.

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